Pilgrimage Mug Mile, May 6, 2016, 6:00 pm at Germantown High School

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The most coveted of all accomplishments that any middle distance runner desires, the Four Minute Mile. This past May 6th 2016, the Pilgrimage Track Club assembled a group of runners to commemorate this event by running the mile to get as close to 4 minutes as possible. 2016 Mug Mile Results

Mike Cody 4 Miler

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This year’s edition of the Rhodes’ classic was run in tribute to former long time cross country coach, Freeman Marr who passed away last year. He was also a highly respected lawyer and judge in Bartlett. His career coaching at Rhodes covered a span from Mike Cody in the ‘50s to present coach Robert Shankman in the late ‘70s.

Mike shared a short story that illuminated Coach Marr’s character. When Mike was a student-athlete at Southwestern (Rhodes College) he needed to do work-study after class each day. By the time he was finished with classes and working he would head to the track very late to do the team’s workout (a true testament to Mike’s resolve). During this time Freeman Marr would work during the day at his law practice until 3pm, then head to track practice for his coaching duties, and finally go home for dinner with his family. After that at about 9:30 in the evening he would head back to campus to oversee the training of one of his more dedicated tracksters. He did this for months; a task for which hall-of-famer Mike Cody is forever grateful.

I had the honor to meet and get briefly acquainted with Coach Marr. Among the other activities in which he was involved Coach had the prowess to open a running goods store called A Running Place in the early ‘80s. It was located only a couple of miles from my home in the University of Memphis area. I was able to be introduced to the new world of running and racing in this small house he converted into a business. He was always courteous and supportive. Later, even though he never coached me, I met him several times during Rhodes alumni functions. A great man to say the least.

Pilgrims showed their support again this year and were rewarded with excellent conditions and results. The 4 mile course around the scenic campus was completed with apparent ease by former Pilgrim and present CBU runner, Adam Somers, in a superb time of 21:14. He was followed closely by the first female, Lauren Paquette, in 21:38. By the way Lauren, a national class runner, is working to qualify this year for the Olympic trials in the 5000 meters.

The first Pilgrim crossing the tape was persistent Frank Buscher (1st AG 25:56). Glenn Hudnall (26:55) and Bob Wilson (27:23) completed the PTC sweep of this age group. At the other end of the spectrum 7 yo Daniel Hudnall competed in his first 4 miler and finished in a familiar place in his short career: first (34:19). Amazing! Just as impressive were the Skinner boys. The elder Caleb (26:29) won the 10-14 AG while brother Will (who’s been under the weather for a bit) wrapped up 3rd in 27:49.

Other respectable finishes were had by newcomer Scott Mahr (28:22) and Padma Lyons (42:41), her first return to action after last year’s injury. I was happy to win my AG in 27:05 despite being bested by arch nemesis, Glenn (just kidding) and for the first time (but not the last ) by 12 yo teammate Caleb Skinner. I enjoyed every minute of it!! Joel Lyons

2015 St. Jude 5K, Half Marathon, and Marathon

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December 5th turned out to be a day with optimal temperatures and sunny skies. It was a family affair for the Wieses, Skinners, Barnes, and Willises. In the first race, the 5K, 9 y.o., Jack Wiese claimed 2nd place in his age group with a fine 25:32, while mom, Aida was 2nd master in 22:31. The Skinner boys finished 1 and 2 in their age group. 12 y.o. Caleb edged out his 10 y.o. brother, Will, with a 20:48 vs a 20:50.

In the half marathon, Mr. Consistent Jeff Haushalter was the 3rd master in 1:21:27. He has placed in most of the past 10 years in this race. Michael Barnes time of 1:28:48 was good enough to be faster than all but 5 in his age group. His wife Courtney finished in 1:58:20. Caleb and Will’s mom, Tammie Skinner, finished in 1:42:51 and was 6th in the 40-44 AG.

The Pilgrims had 2 entries in the marathon. Jack’s dad, and Aida’s husband, Chris Wiese performed superbly with a negative split between the first and 2nd half of the race. His 3:21:53 got him 6th in his age group and another Boston Qualifier. Newcomer, Scott Mahr, had a successful day smashing through the 4 hour mark for the first time. He finished in 3:54:32.

The marathon relay was an interesting adventure for the PTC team. Challenges started well before the race began, when Kevin Jenkins strained a calf and was unable to start. Alternate Joel Lyons stepped in but was only up for one of the shorter legs. Bob Wilson agreed to switch to the longer 10K leg despite having a marathon himself scheduled one week later. So Bob took the lead leg with good intentions despite having symptoms in one leg. This led to a compensation causing significant pain in the other leg. Of course he toughed it out and finished despite injuring himself in the process. He handed to captain Bruce Keisling who made his way down North Parkway and past Overton Park. In the meantime transportation was handled by Timmay Verner. He negotiated the entire course picking up one member of the team and picking up the next. After getting through a couple of road blocks and withstanding one teammate’s unfortunate landing in a big pile of dog doo, he successfully got everyone to their appointed exchange zone in time. He dropped Joel at the 2nd exchange who took the relay bib through Overton Square and over to Rhodes College where Scott Peatross took over. He was able to extend the lead over the competition while making his way down East Parkway and through the Cooper-Young area. That’s when anchor, Doug Lauber, began the final 6.6 miles. His 6:12 pace was the fastest of the team. He was able to bring the team in for another overall team win with a 2:57:56 and successfully defending the title. Team Pilgrim is the only team to have ever won the St. Jude Marathon Relay since it’s inception in 2012.

The other family involved were the Willis duo, of Kelley and Chloe. This mother/daughter team were on the 5th place Co-ed relay team. They finished in 3:42.

Again, the PTC was well represented in working the race. Joe Coffelt was the finish line coordinator. His team included Danny Greer, John Geiger, Clint Powell, and Wade Lewis. Jan Jensen worked a hydration station while Gary McCraw was entertaining at the exchange zone in Overton Square. Even Sergeant Whitten Ortega was keeping the roads safe with traffic control. I’m sure I am leaving out others, but you all are appreciated for selfless hours and days of volunteering. Thank you, Joel Lyons

2015 Mug Mile Results

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The Pilgrims held the annual Mug Mile Friday May 01, 2015 at Germantown High School. The event is in honor of Sir Roger Bannister breaking the 4:00 minute barrier on May 6, 1954. Pictured left running the mug mile is Will Skinner who broke the 9 and under MTRC local Mile record that has been held since 2006. Will went out very strong chasing his 11 year old brother Caleb to set the record running a 5:51.40. He ran pretty even splits, 1:27, 1:30, 1:30, and closed hard with a 1:23. Click here for the 2015 Mug Mile Results

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