Annual Mug Mile Race May 1, 2015 at 6:00pm Germantown High School Track

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The Mug Mile celebrates the most coveted of all accomplishments that any middle distance runner desires, the Four Minute Mile. Every May, the Pilgrimage Track Club assembles a group of runners to commemorate this event by running the mile to get as close to 4 minutes as possible. Come out and be a part of the tradition. Club membership is not required and all times are welcomed. This goal was once thought of as unattainable. Doctors and coaches alike thought that if someone breaking a 4 minute mile would die of a heart attack shortly afterwards. In the Spring of 1954 three young men felt they were close to this goal, one from the U.S.A (Wes Santee), one from England (Roger Bannister), and one from Australia (John Landy). Only one could be the first and make their way into the record books. Click here for the 2015 Mug Mile Entry Form

2014 Saint Jude Marathon Weekend

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The Pilgrims were out in full force this weekend. In addition to the participants in the 5K, half marathon, marathon, and marathon relay, Pilgrims were all over the course whether they were manning the finish line, serving as official pacers, cheering the runners, or shuttling the relay team. It turned out to be an awesome day.

In the Grizzly 5K we were well represented by the Skinner brothers. Young Will dominated his age group of 9 and under besting the next closest competitor by almost 4 mins. He won with a 23:25. His older brother Caleb also won his age group with an amazing time of 21:31. Not too shabby for an 11 year old!

In the half marathon Adam Sommers set a new PR and finished 8th overall with a 1:20:42. He won his age group by nearly 3 mins! Atlanta Pilgrim, Jeff Haushalter, made his pilgrimage back to the St. Jude half where he has performed so well over the years. He didn’t disappoint this year either. He was 2nd master with a 1:21:59. Zach Brazil (15 y.o.) had an awesome performance and I am sure a huge PR with a 1:22:49 to win his age group. Michael Barnes followed up his superb RRS with a 3rd place age group finish in 1:27:54. Frank Buscher chalked up another grandmaster title with a 1:28:12. Michael Hecht returned to action with a great placing and a time of 1:37:58. Aida Wiese capped her amazing race year with a 1:41:12. Tammie Skinner had an excellent return to action after healing up to finish in 1:52:04. Kim Lombardi also finished well in 1:55:26.

In the marathon Scott Peatross finished in his 2nd best performance ever with a 3:18:13 and a solid Boston qualifier. John Dolan returned from Fayetteville to notch a BQ also crossing the tape in 3:23:52. Michele Mallory and Sarah Harris both ran consistent efforts to place 2nd and 3rd respectively in their age group. Ashley Spriggs returned to form with a solid 3:45:48 after a couple years away from the distance. Houston Wolf performed pacing duties for the 4:25 runners without a hitch.

In the marathon relay competition, the Pilgrims sought to defend their title from 2012. Captain Bruce Keisling recruited LaDell George, Chris Wiese, Joel Lyons, and Tim Verner to help him in the deed. He also set a goal to finish under 3 hours. They accomplished both tasks by winning the event with a 2:56:10 and a very consistent pace by all members.

Of course, an event like this can’t be carried out without the work of volunteers and the strong support of others. Joe Coffelt, Clint Powell, Danny Greer, Wade Lewis, and John Geiger logged many hours in an official capacity by working the course and finish line. Brenda Walton and Padma Lyons had sherpa and shuttle duties for the relay team as well as other Pilgrims. Steve Skinner coached team Skinner while Gary McCraw “coached” team Spriggs like only he could. Clint Daniels, John & Jennie Fields, and Kevin and Kathy Jenkins gave much needed support from all parts of the course. These great performances were celebrated well into the evening at various locations. It was good to see Suzy and Todd Moroney, Wendy Ragle Chester, Curt and Rachel Arthur, and hosts Brad and Christine Cordts. A fantastic day capped by good fellowship! Apologies to any members overlooked in this report.

Breakaway and Physio-Therapy TrackMeet

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Calling all track runners. Breakaway, and Physio-Therapy will be holding three All-Comers Track Meet at Rhodes College on June 26, July 10, and July 24. The distances vary each week from the 100 meter Dash up to the 2 mile run. Timing will be provided via stopwatches. Bring back your glory days of track running and see how fast you can clock a 800M run or build a 4x400M relay team.

Hill and Dale 2014

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The annual running of arguably the hilliest race in the Memphis area brought a bounty of awards to the Pilgrims again this year. Adam Sommers, CBU freshman, had this race on his radar for some time. Two weeks prior to the race he was heard to say that he was after the win here. After an excellent runner-up performance in the Starry 4K just last month, he was itching for top position. Well, he went out and made it happen. Leading from start to finish, Adam didn’t give anyone else a chance. His time of 47:31 was nearly a minute and a half ahead of the next closest finisher and a whopping four and half minutes faster than his last year’s time. Look forward to great things coming from this young man!

Jim Slaba also knows how to improve with the years. He followed up his master’s win last year with a repeat this year. This time however, his time of 50:54 was over 40 seconds faster. He also finished 4th overall. Not far behind was Frank Buscher. His 53:58 was good enough to rack up another grandmaster title. Gisele Goldstein came back from the holidays with an impressive 1:09:45 which got her a 3rd grandmaster award.

Other Pilgrims out there for a good time were John Geiger 53:49 (1st AG), Bruce Keisling 56:11 (3rd challenging course. There’s always have good grub after. So if you want to push yourself make sure to put it on your schedule next year. AG), and Padma Lyons 1:21:04. This race has a long tradition and is a

Submitted by Joel Lyons

Mark "The Machine" Newman does Ironman Kona

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Kona, Kona, Kona- what can you say! Anyone who has not experienced it from any perspective (as an athlete, volunteer or spectator) should put it on their bucket list. It is a one-of-a-kind event that anyone involved with triathlons should be a part of in some capacity at some point. The town soaks the athletes in and doesn't let them go until the week is over.

I went out there 2.5 weeks before the race and was glad I did. I was able to get some quality training in. There is nothing like biking the course and getting the runs in during the weather conditions you will be facing during the race. My mental attitude going into the race was to just relax, have fun, and do the best that I can.

The swim was fine- no major problems. I would like to have been about a minute or so faster but I got held up in a lot of traffic a couple of times. Anyway, T1 was great and away we went on the bike. God was good to us this day because the winds that normally exist on the climb to Hawi were very light. However, coming back down the Queen K highway the legendary tradewinds were pretty significant in our face. It was also extremely hot as well. Anyway, the bike splits were still fairly fast and I was very proud of my bike effort. I averaged right at my goal power and speed.

So, as always, it comes down to the run. I knew I had lost a chunk of time on the bike, but that is OK and normal. I was only worried about one guy (who ultimately ended up winning my AG). I knew he could run well and he did. However, 2 miles into the run I had to stop thinking about catching him because I started having gastro issues and then an injury I had been nursing reared it's ugly head. After making multiple stops to try to 'settle things down' and then a couple of more stops to try and stretch out the injury I was able to get going. I now focused my efforts on making the podium (top 5). My older kids told me I was actually now running faster than most other guys. They had parked themselves out on Queen K and were texting with Deonna who was following the tracker. They saw me before and after the Energy Lab. At mile 24.5 they told me guys were walking and that I was close- they just weren't sure how close. It was time to make a decision- just finish, or do everything I could to pass everyone I could and hope to run myself into the top 5. I chose the latter. I knew of one guy in my AG who had passed me a few miles before. I passed him with a half mile to go. I also saw a few other 'older looking guys' that I did everything I could to pass just in case they were in my AG as well.

As it turns out the guy I passed with 1/2 mile to go was in fifth- so the effort paid off. I was VERY happy with the podium considering how bad the run was. I was also the first American in my AG. Even though I wanted better, getting a bowl was an outstanding way to cap off the year, especially after the win at 70.3 Worlds. I exorcised a lot of demons as well because I beat numerous guys who had had my number in the past. I also beat the number one ranked US guy in my AG and the New Zealander who knocked me off of the podium at ITU Worlds last year.

I, again, want to thank everyone for the texts, emails, phone calls and well-wishes. There have been some tremendous accomplishments by numerous team members this year, and I can't wait to see what next year has in store for everyone.

v/r, Mark

Submitted by Mark Newman

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